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The Official Cover Art for

A Child of Ashes Volume 1:

The False King

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Teaser: Child of Ashes Volume 1: The False King – Meet the characters – Leon Melstorm & Kenneth Melstorm

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to see you stopping by! In this post, we’ll meet two major characters of the novel! Let’s get into it! Leon Melstorm: Leon Melstorm is the second son of the King of Aithon and the main protagonist for the series. Growing up, Leon lived a normal life as a prince.…

Teaser: Prologue to Child of Ashes Volume 1 The False King

Hey everyone! Here’s a the prologue for my upcoming novel Child of Ashes: Volume 1 The False King Prologue: Luther Somewhere in the Damned Lands… I knew I was dead, but to truly feel nothing was a horror I never knew I was afraid of. The cold I had always hated somehow felt like nothing.…

Art of The Villain/Antagonist

During my writing and storytelling career, I’ve found many great villains that spanned from all different sources of storytelling. From books, movies, tv shows, video games, and even music – all are sources of stories that could harbor great villains. From my experience, I’ve come to know what it really means to create a memorable…

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Ever since I knew this novel was going to be a thing, getting a map drawn wasn’t even a question. Here are two version of the map: a black and white version (which will be put in the book) and a parchment version just for some color (and for fun)

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