Teaser: Child of Ashes Volume 1: The False King – Meet the characters – Leon Melstorm & Kenneth Melstorm

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to see you stopping by! In this post, we’ll meet two major characters of the novel! Let’s get into it!

Leon Melstorm:

Leon Melstorm is the second son of the King of Aithon and the main protagonist for the series. Growing up, Leon lived a normal life as a prince. His father, King Aldric Melstorm II, was often away dealing with kingdom affairs and was therefore raised by his mother, the Queen, Abigail Melstorm. Leon developed a strong bond with his older brother, the first prince, Kenneth Melstorm. Whenever time would allow it, the family would escape to the natures of Cliffside Valleys and admire the views of their country. For twelve years, the family lived happily, and the kingdom flourished.

Queen Abigail passed away when Leon was twelve and served as the catalyst event that changed the kingdom forever. As a result, King Aldric forced harsh restrictions on Leon, forbidding him to leave the palace walls and during extreme situations, forbidden to leave his room. Leon lived isolated for nearly a decade. Going days and often weeks without seeing his brother or father.

“Even the world, like many of us, deserves a second chance.”

Leon Melstorm
A Child of Ashes Volume 1: The False King

Isolated in the palace, Leon’s only conversations were with the famous Aithonian council, a collection of highly intelligent district leaders. As a result, Leon developed a talent for words and became charismatic and socially intelligent. He used his newfound skill to sneak away from the palace ground and talk his way out of trouble. But with the doors locked before him, the kingdom slowly forgot Leon’s face and to some extents, forgot his existence altogether. Leon waited, yearning for a chance to see the world that he was kept from.

After news of an unexpected attack on his kingdom, Leon sees this battle as an opportunity to prove he can handle whatever the world can throw at him.

Kenneth Melstorm:

Kenneth Melstorm is the first son of the King of Aithon and Leon’s elder brother by four years. At an early age, Kenneth was seen as a prodigy in all things he did. He excelled in his studies and even became a skilled swordsman that rivaled his father all before he turned sixteen. He did his best to be the perfect son and brother, becoming quickly renowned as a kind and respectful person throughout the country. News of Kenneth as the heir to the throne of Aithon created a warm wave of excitement and hopefulness.

When Queen Abigail passed away, Kenneth left the kingdom in order to cope with his mother’s death. He believed he failed as a son and tossed himself into a dark mental abyss. When he returned, he officially joined the kingdom military and became the youngest appointed General in the kingdom’s history. With word of the famous skilled prince creating a special military force for Aithon, men and women from all around the country and continent traveled to enlist under his famed leadership. Kenneth’s special forces was smaller than normal regiments but became famed for single handedly winning vital skirmishes and battles during the 2nd Summer’s War with Olamar.

When the attack on Cliffside Valley from Vissia came to ears, Kenneth’s special forces was the first regiment to respond to the unsuspected attack.

I’m so excited for you all to meet these two wonderful characters and many more key figures in the novel! The official release of volume 1 is coming very soon! Until then, be sure to subscribe for updates! Thank you everyone!

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